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One dancer

One virtual world

An interactive choreographic experiment questioning our concept of the here and now

Video Documentation

“GODAY. Moments of Liveness” is a project on the border between dance and multiplayer virtual reality game, questioning our experience of the here and now. ​ Can you dance live in a virtual reality and let an audience participate? What does it take for an immersive performance experience? How are encounters between dancers and audience possible?

Experiences of presence and liveness are also questioned on a choreographic level: What shapes our sense of being there in a virtual world? Where and how can the human element be located in the virtual? Does the virtaul can create moments of live(ness)?

A choreographic experiment in an interactive 3D space, an experimental setup with virtual reality glasses and a motion capture suit that invites you to explore the virtual as a place for live performance.


Jamie Chimeremeze Mejeh

Erich Lesvosky

Stefanie Fischer

Sandra Domnick

Choreography, Artistic Concept

VR-Development, Stage and Constume Design, Music

Project Manager, Dramaturgy



Video Documentation

Mohamed Eshma

Cooperation Programming

Prisca Baldus

Logo Design

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