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creative sound design, individual compositions and sound concepts

Circat Studio


Unique, memorable and according to your ideas: With our experience of fifteen years in music production, we compose the appro-priate music for your project. Choose be-tween different styles and genres from electronic music over jazz up to opulent orchestra music and seek advice for the music dramaturgical design of the project.


With great diligence we edit your voice recordings and bring sound and picture together in precise mixing.


Sounds bring images alive, they generate atmospheres und form the right frame for the impact of your project. Whether it is the sonic support for your next presen-tation, electronic special effects for a computer game or natural sounds: We develop for you a creative and nuanced soundscape for your next project.

Textedition // German

Es bedarf manchmal nicht vieler Worte - aber immer der Richtigen. Gerne editieren wir für Sie den Text in Ihrem Projekt und passen diesen in der Länge, der Prägnanz oder des sprachlichen Ausdrucks an.

Stock Music

We scout for you the right music out of a range of worldwide GEMA-free music and adjust tthis to your project.You would like to have it a little bit more personally? With pleasure we compile an individual soundtrack for you, based on our music-archive.

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