Circat GPS Exhibition App

Aktualisiert: 8. Feb. 2019

Looking for a way to involve visitors of a sound installation as well in the composition of the soundscape, we brought up the idea to use the geo-location of the visitors for an interactive installation.

The result is a spectator tracking app whose first attempt we'd like to present here today.

With the help of this app, we are able to gain the gps-data of visitors and to use them for the live-modulation of sounds, lights and objects. Therefore, this app can be a helpful element for interactive installations, intending to involve its visitors to achieve participation or immersion.

The position of the visitor gives us countless ways to work with multimedial environments, better than common sensors like ultrasonic or laser. Its much more precise and allows as well personalized interactions between the spectator and the installation.

For example a certain amount of visitors can be enabled to influence a soundscape in terms of scale or amplitude or the like while others determine the rhythm or whole tones.

Its also interesting to work with the user body-data, thinkink about ones heart beat as base for the soundscape or ... but this is another project.

This app is the first step to use visitors data for analysed based art works which enables new options to involve the recipient as a crative subject into an installation.

The App is actualy based on Android Studio and a Firebase Realtime Database.

We will share the codes on our Github when we managed the connection to OSC and / or touchdesigner.

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