Realtime VR for theatre production

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After all most a year our journey through virtual reality has come to an end. We developed a vr space which can be used as a place for realtime rehearsals and base for digital theatre productions. As described in the last blog entry (here) we wanted to challenge vr as a space for realtime performances not only for recorded ones to enlage the possibilites of liveness and performativity.

We tried to adapt the methods of virtual production - which is used for films by working with game engines like unreal or unity - in order to investigate the possible benefits for the theatre.

How we created this vr space with the unreal game engine, which hardware we used and many more information about technicle obstacles and our workarounds you can now find in the two videos below! The first gives you an overview of the hole project while the second is a detailed talk about the programming.

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General project overview.

Tech Talk.

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