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Virtual Production in Independent Performing Arts

This project is about the possibilities of virtual production in performing arts.

We created a virtual space and used a set up of different tools to enable a real time performance in VR. 

This was a very exciting journey, thought we are at the beginning of real time VR experiences as a new aesthetic experience. 


We present on this page different stages of the work and the tools we are working with and what virtual production can look like for performing arts. The blog entries below give some overview and the presentation as well as a tech talk you can watch in the video . 

Independent Virtual Production in Performing Arts

"Virtual production is where the physical and digital worlds meet."

(WETE Production)



"It combines virtual and augmented reality with computer generated imagery and game-engine technologies to enable production crews to see their scenes unfold as they are composed and captured on set."

(Moving Picture Company)


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WYSIWYG is an artistic research project, challenging the possibilities of HOW to work together in the virtual space.

For this project we chosed to work completely in a virtual reality surrounding with VR-headsets. To capture the motions we uses special suits by Rokoko, which generate the movement data for the 3D avatars in real time. This technique combines high quality motion data with the benefits of well made 3D models. 

This set up allowed us to experiment with a complete virtual production, as it is already used for films.

We asked, how does virtual production can be used for the production process in dance theater? What synergies arise when physical and virtual production flow together? What obstacles does the virtual environment bring up for the dancers? What can be simulated and what cannot?

And finally: If people can work together in real time in a virtual world, could this be the point where performativity (re)enters the virtual space?

All our results about real time VR and more detailed informations about the programming you find in the videos below. 

Project Files



Artistic director, programming, concept:

Erich Lesovsky


Stefanie Fischer

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PROGRAMMING: 04/21 - 11/21, REHEARSALS: 11/2021, LIVE STREAMING : 12/2021